Proto Tree is a company established to offer the below service for both prototype and low volume production:

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CNC Machining
We provide precision function machined parts in various range of materials. We deliver the following advantages
a) Be it a prototype sample or low volume batch, we can manufacture
b) Use real material for manufacturing
c) Accuracy in machining
d) Reasonable cost to meet your demands
e) Convenience and produce parts as easy as you think

Injection Molding
We manufacture real plastic parts for our Customers instead of the rapid prototype. This allow our Customers to feel the ‘parts’. We can achieved this through quick tools fabrication and our technical know how

Sheet Metal
Our service include real parts sheet metal prototype manufacture in various range of material. We design and fabricate soft tools through our supply chain partners. Besides that, we offer various processes to meet the needs

The others refer to our customisation manufacturing service offer to our customer. However, please let us know your requirement for further discussion